Who we are

We’re a group of people who love movies but don't care much for your average movie theater. They’re too expensive, too commodified, too...sticky.

So we’re going to do better. Since we don't have a theater of our own yet, we’re starting with pop-up specialty screenings. We’ll do food and wine pairings, theme parties in iconic locations, dog-friendly showings, really anything—so long as it fits within our guiding belief:

Movies are special, so let’s celebrate & elevate them, and build something with care.

That’s the gist of our humble enterprise, and here's how we see it:

"Movies are special..."

You get it, and we get it. Movies are unique as both an art form and as an experience. They’re communal and personal at the same time. They’re mass entertainment that frequently transcend into fine art. They’re static objects, and yet they're completely affected by the environment and time in which you experience them.

But for real, they’re super fun to watch and think about and discuss, and we want to do all three of those things more often.

"...so let’s celebrate and elevate them..."

It's our mission to plan the best possible screening for any given film. Maybe by presenting a movie along with a choreographed menu, we can actually amplify the senses you experience during its runtime. Maybe by turning a movie screening into a live concert, we can seamlessly transfer the elation you saw on screen onto the dance floor. Maybe watching a movie about dogs while you're surrounded by a bunch of dogs (the good kind—not, like, a pack of wolves) will stir up long-forgotten feelings of pure childhood joy. 

Let's find out!

"...and build something with care."

For now, you can count on us for thoughtful, one-of-a-kind experiences no matter where we pop up around Atlanta. Our long term goal is to have a permanent space that’s the best possible showcase for movies as well as an integral part of the community. A space that's made with care and built to last, only getting better with age and experience.

That's why we called it Patina.